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  • Kuruvilla Uthup

The long shot

Updated: May 24, 2020

A few grand projects running on a back burner, now that's important at every stage of life. The road to self actualising as Maslow would put it.

Maximise joy, that's how i picked these projects. Was it about improving one facet of my life, the job - NO. Skills that would bring me happiness, projects that i could build and expand on, that's what i wanted. Stuff that would build on what i already have and yet force me to expand my skills set.

The objective still stays - maximising joy.

  • Getting a 100 break in billiards

  • improve in a foreign language

  • experimenting with compressed air and renewable energy

  • setting up a business

Each of these are mini projects by themselves. so why pick multiple projects - simply because each of them take time to mature. A dead end on one project means that while your mind churns for alternatives, work on another project could proceed.

Look at it this way; life expectancy these days is 80 or more. A job (even one that give you happiness) can be centre stage till 60 and its best to set yourself up for something even grander than the job.

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